Radiation Safety

Laser awareness and safety training

All users that are likely to be exposed to radiation exceeding the accessible emission limit (AEL) of a class 2 laser (e.g. 1mW for visible) MUST attend one of the Laser Safety Training Sessions as soon as is practical. For dates of these sessions and to book a place contact the STDU on 52525.

Standard Laser Workers please register for course THS42 (Laser Safety Training).

Users who exclusively use "Low Risk Lasers", please register for course THS98 (Laser Awareness Training).

If you are unsure which course to register for, please speak to your Supervisor, PI or line Manager who must be able to provide this information. Alternatively, ask your School Laser Safety Advisor.

A copy of the handout for the training sessions is available for download.

A copy of the current training session slides is available in pdf format. Please note that this document is no replacement for actual attendance on the course. It is intended as a supplement or reference document for attendees.